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IEP Review

Helping you create an IEP plan that is perfect for your student

I will review your student’s IEP to ensure that their goals, accommodations, and services align with the needs as stated in their IEP. It is nice to have an extra pair of eyes when dealing with the education of your scholar.  

Teacher Professional Development

The professional development your teachers need

Special education teachers and co-teachers need professional development that targets specifically. In my professional development courses, we work on topics such as co-teaching, easier ways to track IEP goal data, and best practices in creating, reviewing and upholding student IEP plans. 


Not just another tutoring service

Ingrained Tutoring and Education Services is far from some cookie cutter tutoring business. Here we are Education Specialists that can help students with a variety of topics and courses, while focusing on the whole child. As an Education Specialist, we help parents, teachers, and students bridge the knowledge gap with evidence based strategies, special education feedback, and creating organization systems. Sounds interesting right?