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About me

Dating back to high school, I remember people telling me I had a way with children that they couldn’t understand. I always thought it was old folks foolishness. Younger children would gravitate to me and ask me questions. I remember a family friend asking me to get her child to eat his vegetables. This ability fueled my passion of helping children become their own people with their own personalities and become better students. 

Since those childhood days, I have worked with children in multiple settings, as a mental health community professional, an ABA Behavior Specialist, as a Special Education Teacher and now as an Educational Specialist. 

Once becoming a teacher, I realized that while all students are capable of learning and achieving, there were obstacles stopping them from thriving, especially those with special needs. Teachers, parents, and school districts were unprepared to help these students, not because they didn’t want to but because they struggles with getting the necessary resources. My job is to help provide everyone with the knowledge and resources need to improve their student’s ability to success. 


Get help & feel confident!

It’s time to stop banging your head on the proverbial wall and get the help you need to help your students get the services they need. Let’s get the job done