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Our mission is to ensure that students who need special education services receive a free and appropriate public education. We do this by supporting parents, students, and special education teachers to ensure that all stakeholders are able to access the knowledge needed to assist the student in becoming their best self. 

We assist with developing, revising, and evaluating individualized educational plans (IEPs) and 504 plans. As well as offer professional development to school districts on co-teaching, IEP creation, and best practices for case managers. 

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Lakeithia has helped me understand precalculus more. Whenever I feel like I am struggling with a question, she often motivates me and tell me I am smart and able to do it.


Jessica S.

Precalculus Student

Lakeithia is knowledgeable about special education and presents information and feedback in a caring and confident manner.  She has done a wonderful job at IEP meetings and showing her ability to assist their child in the classroom.

Angel Kirkland


Lakeithia has done a wonderful job at prioritizing and accomplishing the vast responsibilities of  a special education teacher. I have been a part of the IEP team in which she was the case  manager and observed her interactions with parents and colleagues. 

Jenny Lock

High School Special Education Teacher

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